Punto NET Soluciones SRL

Punto NET Soluciones SRL
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miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2006

Comienzan los eventos !!!

A partir de marzo comienzan las actividades académicas, siendo estas:

- 01/03/06 - Evento de jornada completa sobre Service Desk - ITIL.
Se estará realizando en una sola jornada una capacitación sobre el Service Desk de ITIL. La temática de este curso, es como preparar adecuadamente el área de soporte a usuarios, como tratar a los usuarios, como generar procesos de calidad de atención al cliente y como organizar el área utilizando como marco referencial el estándar internacional ITIL. Este curso se dicta en la UES 21, en calle Rondeau de la Ciudad de Córdoba - Argentina.

- 07/03/06 - Webcast Microsoft : Essentials of Security 2801 Session 1
This session explains key essentials of security for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server and Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 environments. In this topic, we will establish the business case for security. Specifically, we will discuss:The impact of security breaches on an organization. The 2004 CSI/FBI survey, which documents the financial losses to businesses from computer-related attacks. The benefits of investing in security.

- 22/03/06 - Webcast Microsoft : Defense-In-Depth Against Malicious Software 2803 Session 3
The success of recent network virus and worm attacks has demonstrated how advanced malicious software (malware) development has become. The ability for these outbreaks to evade detection and propagate quickly throughout the network has increased the need for a better understanding of how to implement malware defense. You must be able to identify all of the points in your infrastructure that require a malware defense strategy. This defense-in-depth approach to malware is used to help protect various components of the
network, such as client computers, servers, and the network infrastructure. If an attack does take place, an effective outbreak control and recovery plan is required to identify a malware infection, contain it, and then remedy the effects it may have on the infected systems throughout the network environment.

- 30/03/06 - Webcast Microsoft : Securing Services and Critical Accounts 2808 Session 3
Many organizations implement network services or applications that require the use of a service account. Unfortunately, many vendors require service accounts to be configured to run with the highest possible privileges, often resulting in membership within the domain administrators group. If these service accounts are compromised, an attacker may be able to gain full and unrestricted access to the computer, domain, or entire forest. It is important that you understand how to configure service accounts to only the level of privilege necessary to support the application or network service. If the service account does require administrative-level privileges, you must then be aware of steps to take to ensure the security of your network services.
This session describes methods that you can use to increase the security of service and critical accounts.

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